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Free Commercial Energy Audits

ROI, three little letters that are of paramount importance to every building owner or management company. What do those three letters stand for? Return On Investment. Simple payback is one of the most talked about window film conversations between a salesperson and customer. When developing relationships in business, theres nothing worse than over-promising and under-delivering. Often times salespeople can make sweeping and unrealistic promises that can make the customer feel uneasy about signing on the dotted line. Manufacturer provided energy audits can relieve some of the concern especially when the projects are of significant financial means.

The first step is to recognize what kind of glass that is installed in your customer’s building. The motivation for identifying glass type is to ensure qualified product offerings are safe and proper for each specific glass type. The second step to retrieving a meaningful audit is to identify your customers needs. Is your customer looking for a high-light transmission film, are they having a problem with glare and heat? Are they concerned with how the film will look on the building or if film installation will change the ascetic? Offering the correct window film to both meet your clients efficiency and appearance can sometimes be a tricky road to navigate, but one that should never be overlooked.

After glass type is identified and film is selected the next step is to provide a detailed estimate. Make certain to itemize each elevation as the manufacturer that is supplying the audit will require this information to deliver a successful analysis of payback. The final step is to fill out the manufacturer supplied audit request. The manufacturer will ask questions such as: building construction type, glass type, elevations of glass, kilowatt usage of building, year built, and glass age. Most manufacturers will also ask for a picture of the building and location to determine a typical climate that the building is located within. They will also request a copy of your estimate to plug into the modeling software which will aid in deciphering ROI. Having a non-subjective tool like this will only assist you in your sales practice. Additionally, getting the manufacturer involved in the audit process will lend credibility to your company which in turn will help you close more deals.

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