4 Commercial Window Film Benefits- Commercial Window Tinting in Omaha, Nebraska.

Commercial Window Film Benefits – 4 Detailed in Buildings.com

The open feeling and natural lighting that windows and glass walls create in an office building can make a space feel very inviting. However, these same features can have privacy-related drawbacks. These window film benefits can help you address the downsides and maximize the positive attributes of your windows.

4 Commercial Window Film Benefits

  1. Four Commercial Window Film BenefitsLess Glare and Lower Energy Bills – Window film can be applied to existing glass surfaces to reduce glare and help block heat from entering a space. Less heat means less work for the HVAC system which can result in lower energy bills.
  2. Customized Films To Meet Performance and Design Requirements – Modern window films can literally give you the best of both worlds. It once was true that getting high performance out of a window film meant dealing with a more reflective glass surface from the outside during the day and from the inside at night. This was often different from the desired look or accepted design. That is no longer the case. You can achieve high levels of performance with films that are barely detectable on the glass and do not increase reflectivity on the inside or outside.
  3. Decorative, Privacy and Branding – Current decorative window films come in many designs and finishes. From traditional white frosted film to gradients and intricate designs, there is nearly something for every taste. These films can be retrofitted to nearly any glass surface to add a decorative element, increase privacy or to integrate a company logo or branding. You are nearly only limited by your own imagination.
  4. Personal Safety and Facility Security – Window films retrofitted to existing glass can help reduce injury possibility in the event of broken glass as well as increase the intrusion resistance and facility security. Window film buyers sometimes believe that window film can make glass shatterproof- a longstanding myth in the market. The truth is that window film can’t prevent glass from breaking, but it can hold glass fragments together when the glass is broken.That usually means that the broken glass also stays in place in the window rather than scattering everywhere, keeping wind and rain out of your facility during a storm and making it harder for an intruder to get into your building through the broken window.

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