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The Benefits of Low-E Film

Low-Emissivity is an often confused solution for heat rejection. I can’t tell you the number of times that I have had a customer call me to install window film on their Low-E windows. They say, when I bought this home the builder told me that the Low-E coatings would reject all of the heat, but it’s still hot. Not to worry, the windows are not broken; however, your understanding of Low-Emissivity is. I tell my customers to think of Low-E coatings as an insulating factor not so much a solar heat rejector. Glass is a conductor, so typically in the winter months your greatest loss of heat is through your windows. When a Low-E coating is installed on the glass it creates an insulating barrier surrounding the glass and making it much more difficult for the warm molecules to escape through the glass.

Low-E window films are some of the most modern developments in architectural materials. These state of the art films not only do an amazing job keeping the heat in during the winter months but also keep the infrared solar heat out during the summer. These are the first films developed that provide 365 days a year protection. The best part of Low-E films is that they are a passive energy system, which means you will never have to flip a switch or tell the film when to work, it just knows! As the need and awareness for building sustainability grows, Low-E window films will be leading the way as one of the most cost effective ways to achieve energy conservation.

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