Wall Graphics & Decals

Wall graphics and decals are the newest and most innovative way to express creativity on walls. This state of the art technology uses proprietary methods of printing that pervades a chosen film and provides a unique appearance and finish. The Window Tinting Company has partnered with LOOK Architectural Coatings to design, produce and install 100% of all wall graphic films contracted with WTC. All wall graphic film installations include a sales consultation, informational samples and brochures and a free no obligation estimate. In many instances, wall graphic film will require both a field measure and conceptual renderings to illustrate a desired ascetic. The design process fees will be absorbed within the estimate per square foot price unless otherwise specified. All wall graphic film installed by the Window Tinting Company comes standard with a manufacturer’s warranty.

Contact The Window Tinting Company today by calling (402) 933-4545 or emailing us at mike@lafaveco.com to learn more about the wall graphics & decal services we offer. We would be happy to arrange an absolutely free, no obligation consultation and estimate on implementing window film on your next project.